3 Day Hoerikwaggo Trail – Table Mountain

On June 3, 2015 by Christopher Smith

3 Day Horiekwaggo Trail

Cape Point Reserve

Start of an amazing 3 day Hoerikwaggo Trail

On our last adventure together exploring Table Mountain, Ferdinand had such a great time that he wanted to see more and as soon as Ferdinand heard Klaus say 3 day Peninsula trail, all that followed was “yes, yes, yes”!!!!

 We started off in the Cape of Good Hope Reserve at Cape Point. As you can see the weather was nothing short of awesome.

Cape Point Reserve

Distance we have to go along the coast

The Cape of Good Hope reserve’s wild life is very surprising and curious at times. The Eland we spotted grazing merrily. I personally love seeing the birds of prey scouting and sometimes engaging in territorial battles that displays great technique. After heading down to the beach where we stopped to have lunch and we could not have asked for much more. This time of the year there are still some Orchids out and not to mention the Cape Snow Everlastings that offers a great white touch to the environment. the day was coming to an end when we headed over Die Boer towards Judas Peak,  fascinating as always is the monstrous Pauls berg that is one of the highest coastal peaks in the world and that looks as if it is letting out white smoke as the south-easterly wind rushes over the top…

Cape Point Reserve

Spotting Eland in The Cape of Good Hope Reserve

Oranjekloof   Cape Point Reserve   WP_20150311_001

On our 2nd day we had to make alterations due to the fires that swept across the peninsula, all of it needed to regenerate and germinate the Fynbos. The route for the day was to be Up Table Mountain via the Twelve apostles. We visited Cracks of Tranquillity and then  heading to the Dams before heading down to the camp via Disa Gorge.

The 3rd day started slowly but with spirits high we soon mustard the momentum after breakfast to trot up Table mountain, heel to toe. Passing the old pump-house on the way, takes you back through the ages.

It was a great pleasure organising this amazing memorable experience for Ferdinand and Klaus and we hope to hike together again in the future.

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Old Pump-house that is over 100 years old


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