Platteklip Gorge to Upper Cable way station

Platteklip Gorge to Upper Cable way station. Let’s do it together

at the start of the Platteklip trek up Table Mountain

Start of Platteklip Gorge Trail at Table Mountain

One of the most popular hikes is the Platteklip Gorge trail, only because it is the most direct route to the top of Table Mountain with people going up and down Table Mountain. Some call it the Long Street of Table Mountain. The hike can be very demanding depending on the pace you are going although it is definitely worth while doing it. The path (trail) is well maintained but getting to the top about 50 m the steps are really big as it becomes dramatic. This route is to be done slowly if not experienced hiker, with enough water, sun screen, wind proof and rain gear. The weather at the top can be very different from down below, it sometime gets really windy or very cold and chilly due to the South Easter blowing through and over the gorge so always come prepared. Watch out for Rock Kestrel hovering and scouting for prey, Red winged starlings and the beautiful array of different species of fynbos.

Recommended that one hike’s up to the top of Table Mountain and take the cable car down.

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View at the Top of Platteklip Gorge Trail on Table Mountain

Platteklip Gorge to Upper Cableway station

Table Mountain’s Platteklip Gorge Trail looking to the top

Time & Distance: 2-3 hours / 4 km

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