Hoerikwaggo Trail – Cape Point – Table Mountain (Cape Town) – 5 days

Hoerikwaggo Trail

Cape Point to Lower Cable way Station. Cape of Good Hope Peninsula


 5 Day Table Mountain guided trail. Sleeping tours in tented camps of Table Mountain National Park

Day 1 of Hoerikwaggo Trail

Starting point: Smitwinkel Bay to Cape Point lighthouse

Time: 6 – 6:30hrs

Estimated Distance: 15 – 17kms

This route offers the best possible views of Falsebay and the Atlantic sea board. The dramatic setting and energy of this magnificent reserve is the best place to start one’s journey. The route will take us around Judas Peak and Paul’s Berg up to Kanonkop. We then head down to the beachfront, continuing on to Matroosberg and the Point. From here to the lighthouse is approximately an hour’s journey. This route could also be done in reverse.

Hoerikwaggo Trail Cape Point

Hoerikwaggo Trail Cape Point

Day 2 of Hoerikwaggo Trail

Red Hill big Trees to Slangkop lighthouse

Time: 4 – 5hrs

Estimated Distance: 10 – 12kms

Majority of this route consists of flat terrain. We will make a brief stop at the Kleinplass Dam before heading out. We’ll make our way past a small stream which runs into the Atlantic Ocean; we will enjoy lunch in this area. As we journey on we enjoy a beautiful view overlooking Ocean view, carrying on to Slangkop. From here we can get a great view of our next route as well as being able to explore the old block house that formerly served as a lookout point in earlier years. Finally we head off down to the tented camp situated on the beachfront next to the Slangkop lighthouse. It is possible to skip this part and take a guide car or coach transfer and shorten the trek to 4 days.

Hoerikwaggo Trail Slangkop Lighthouse

Hoerikwaggo Trail Slangkop Lighthouse

Day 3 of Hoerikwaggo Trail

Slangkop lighthouse to Silvermine tented camp via Chapmans Peak

Time: 7 – 8hrs

Estimated Distance: 20 – 22kms

Starting bright and early, we begin along the beachfront carrying on to a designated break spot. From this point we will continue on to the very top of Chapman’s Peak, stopping here for lunch. After lunch we will slowly make our way down Chapman’s Peak going around little Chapman’s Peak, heading onto the path taking us up the left side of Noordhoek Peak and into Silvermine. We then take some time to look at our path journeyed and to enjoy the scenery before making our final decent for the day. This path will take us down into the valley, past the Silvermine dam, all the way down to the tented camps were we will spend the night.

Hoerikwaggo Trek Chapman's Peak

Hoerikwaggo Trek Chapman’s Peak

Hoerikwaggo Trail view Chapman's Peak

Hoerikwaggo Trail view Chapman’s Peak

Day 4 of Hoerikwaggo Trail

Silvermine tented camps to Orangekloof tented camp

Time: 6 – 7hrs

Estimated Distance: 15 – 17kms

After a hearty breakfast we start making our way to the Houtbay lookout point. On the way we will stop on top of a hill overlooking the Silvermine Dam and the Cape Flats. Once we reach the Houtbay lookout point we will stop briefly before making our way down the Blackburn ravine. This path gives us a wonderful and clear view of Chapman’s Peak Drive and Houtbay. We will then stop for tea at an overhang overlooking the East Fort. Heading on, we make our way towards the Manganese mines and to what is known as the “last rest” where we will have lunch. Finally we make our way on to Vlakkenberg. This being the last climb of the day this path will take us past the Constantia wine lands and into Orangekloof where we will overnight.

Hoerikwaggo trek view to Houtbay

Hoerikwaggo trek view to Houtbay

Day 5

Orangekloof tented camps to the Lower cable way Station

Time: 5 – 6hrs

Estimated Distance: 9 – 10kms

This being the last day means we need to start early. We head through what is by far the biggest patch of Afro-montane forest left on the Peninsula and on towards Disa Gorge, all the way to the Dams. Once here we will orientate ourselves and take some pictures before heading on to the lunch stop. This is at an overhang overlooking the two dams and Falsebay. From here on it is homeward bound and on to the Upper Cable station.

Hoerikwaggo Trail view to Table Mountain

Hoerikwaggo Trail view to Table Mountain

This 5 day hike comes to an end at the Lower Cable Way station.

Table Mountain National Park – SANParks tented camps on the trail give a superb accomodation. Those are Smitswinkel, Silvermine, Slangkop, Orangekloof,

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