Overnight Cape Point Trail – 2 Days

Overnight Cape Point Trail – 2 days in the Cape of Good Hope

start of Cape of Good Hope Trail

start of Cape of Good Hope Trail

Day 1

To get up close and personal with Fynbos, I suggest you hike the first overnight trail developed inside the Cape of Good Hope Nature reserve. The trails starts at the entrance of the reserve and heads off towards the Atlantic Ocean. Before you get to the refreshing beach walk one treks along a lower laying area with a stop along the Sirkelsvlei Dam.

Tea break at Sirkesvlei Dam

Trail  break at Sirkesvlei Dam in Cape of Good Hope Reserve

You then make your way past some interesting rock formations. You will see lots of animal life around here, Baboons, Bonte bok, Eland, Wild Ostriches and their cute little chicks and possibly Rooi Hartebees. This route might be long with 23 km on the first day but with all the activity and shipwreck’s along this coast surely makes it a trail to add to your bucket list. The huts are situated facing North overlooking the the Atlantic Seaboard and False Bay.

Time & Distance: 6-8 hours – 18-23 km

Day 2

Cape of Good Hope trail

Cape of Good Hope trail

You wake up with one of the most breath taking sunrises one could never imagine, given that it is a good clear day. The wind is commonly known around Cape Point although it is most commonly welcomed and you will soon be grateful for when it gets really hot the wind is kind enough to bring refreshing relieve. The walk is spectacular, Offering you the option of walking along the beach or up through the Strandveld Thicket and Coastal Fynbos. Lunch either on the beach or at the  Buffelsfontein visitor centre. There after you make your way towards the old signalling cannon that dates back to early 1800’s. My personal favourite is walking amongst one of 26 species of different types of protea’s found in the reserve called Diastella Divicarta, she is small but endemic to the area and can be seen all year round depending on where it is flowering. This trek takes about 6 hours including stops and can be booked as a day trail as well.

2nd day from huts to Fishing point

Cape of good Hope Reserve – Paul’s Berg

Looking back towards Cape Point you can see the folding process that gave name to the Cape Folded Mountains, dramatic twisting and bending of landmass protruding from the ocean. The hike is completed at the , if you have always wondered what the fuss is about come and see for yourself.

Time & Distance: 5-6 hours – 15 km
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