3 Day Table Mountain guided trek

On October 17, 2014 by Christopher Smith


Table Mountain guided trek Top with Caroline & Wim

Caroline & Wim at Table Mountain

Once again the trail showing more and more popularity in the Netherlands. Caroline and Wim was in for a treat. We started off nice and easy and on arrival at the Kramat in Dear park, I see a Spotted gennit coming out of a pine tree, ever so cautious and silent as the night, not noticing that we are there. Made me think back to when as a kid I was the best at hide and go seek.

Table Mountain

In the clouds at just below 1000m

We gently made our way to the cable car. We arrive as the place comes to life with movement of local and foreign tourists and joggers finishing off their morning work-out. We headed up and got greeted with clear sky’s.  The beautiful city of Cape Town at our feet and getting a birds eye view of it makes anyone gasp at its authenticity. We then slowly started making our way to Mclears Beacon (the highest point on Table Mountain) where we are now truly welcomed by mother Nature. A Lizard not bothered by human activity and with one thing on its mind, basking in the pockets of sun as the cloud breaks letting through just enough rays to power up.


Basking Happily

The day was splendid and the hike worth every step of it, on arrival to the Overseers cottage we settle in and take time out to reflect and enjoy the hawks eye view of the Cape Flats. The following morning we were to head down to Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens. The high light, for me being the Owls Nesting in almost plain sight. the trail came to an end with a sweet note of a Double collard sun bird chirping twerky sounds of  well wishes and greetings.




Carnivorous plant



 3 Day Table Mountain guided trek by Christopher Smith

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