3 day Tailored Trail

On November 18, 2014 by Christopher Smith
Cape of Good Hope Reserve

hiking along the beach in the Cape of good Hope reserve

I was Privileged to guide two Ladies that are keen on making a change and adding value to everything and anything. We talked, we laughed, we enjoyed the silence, we connected, we cherished the beauty there is on the Peninsula.  We did the first day starting at the Cable Car and slowly made our way on to the Back Table.


Molosongololo, Duisendpoot, Millipede

I got most excited to go through Oranjekloof as it is always great to explore the enchanted indigenous forest. There was much to gaze and awe at as anyone that has done a Table Mountain trek with me will agree.

see creatures


On the 2nd day we explored Silvermine, this was great as there were quite a good few hikers out enjoying the sunny weather and beautiful flowers.  The views all around was spectacular and jaw dropping, this you see is why I cant get tired of what I do, I love it every single inch and step of it.


Ostrich roaming free as life should be

amazing views

#amazing views

We finish off the last day Cape point where we strolled along the beach and just soaked in the energy of positivity and live itself. Yes we did what we set out to do.  The ladies were really strong walkers and their company was phenomenal. I am #grateful to have enjoyed their presence in my element and they made the trip all the more worth it.


One of the Smallest Proteas

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