MCSA Outreach Hike

On September 16, 2013 by Christopher Smith

MCSA Outreach hike 07/ 09/ 2013

The day has finally arrived, after a long wait for the weather to hold. The hike was with an organisation called Kingdom kidz with Vanessa that runs it and the group’s ages ranging from 6 – 14yrs. The team for the day was Miss H. Gouws, Mr M. Van Zijl and I. The day was set with great weather, sunny skies and nothing but brilliant views.

outreach hike2

Playing in the water

oureach hike1

Outreach hike

The kids were amped to get on with the hike. We stopped several times for info session and to answer questions. They were really well behaved and full of energy. We came across a stream flowing down from the mountain and they wasted no time in playing and washing their faces with this water. The look on their faces, priceless and one can not help but feel rewarded and full of joy for being part of this event. They filled their bottles and we carried on. Upon return we spent a bit more time at the stream and the shoes and socks soon came off and they had their fill of playing in one of the many streams that fed life into Cape Town. My youngest group I had ever walked with but will definitely not be the last. 20minutes from the finishing point the all-time favourite “are we there yet” was a hit. Great big thank you to the support and help from all that was involved with making this day happen.

outreach hike 3

View from Twelve Apostles

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