Educating our future generation

On May 26, 2021 by Christopher Smith

Educating Our Future Generation


Children are the future, let them hike and lead the way. Teach them about the fauna and flora of #TableMountain. Putting the fun back in learning for the kiddies, giving them the touching and smelling experience. above I am explainging the rules and regulations of the Mountain, what to do and what not to. Their ingagement and attentive learning enthusiasm shown through all the while often asking, whats this flower called and when do we see the Caracal / Linx. Educating our future generation is of utmost importance and if you believe that then you will make it your duty to ensure they enjoy the pleasures of Mother Nature with a qualified and experienced adventure, nature and culture guide.

Blue Disa contour path in Newlands forest

An all time favourite is the Blue Disa, The kids were quite eager to see this great spectacle of Orchid, giving me the chance to explain that Orchids are found in specific areas and grows in very intricate conditions suitable to their needs. Explaining that the Micro climates affects Table Mountain intimately.

Golden Orb Spider Chacma Baboon

I also took the opertunity to make it clear why the baboons are only found south of Table Mountain and what great fun they are to watch foraging and grooming eachother.

Blue headed rock agama lizard

Stay safe, book an educational guided tour for your children and remember there is safety in numbers and never hike alone.

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