Elena’s Table Mountain Adventure

On February 12, 2020 by Christopher Smith



Elena’s Table mountain adventure started off great, with the most common question of all, “Can one see the Lions Head”? and my reply is as always ” from this angle I do although for someone else it is always different.




We started off with the Pipe track and made our way towards Kasteels Poort before heading up to the Dams on the back table. With great enthusiasm I quickly made note of the amazingly rare Fynbos vegetation, Sunbirds kept making an appearance with their eccentric chatter. The view overlooking Camps Bay is always stunning.


Soon after making it to the top of Kasteels Poort we took a minute to Marvel at the Cape’s Provincial flower called the Red Disa {Disa Uniflora}We then made our way to the old Cable car ruins that brought material to the top for the construction of the Dams during the 1890’s. One is constantly reminded of the brilliant building work from the Scottish stonemasons involved in completing the dams and securing water supply to the City. Elena was quite impressed with the abundance of diversity and the bird live, we got to see the Osprey riding thermals which ofcourse was a treat. This is also a clear reminder of my Love for doing these informative, safe and enjoyable guided hikes on Table Mountain.




We took a lovely walk around the dams including a visit to the Water Works Museum on the back table although it was close, we could peak through the window and see the Old Steam train used for transporting material to and from the Dams.


We had an amazing view of the Table Mountain chain and opposite mountain range overlooking the Cape Flats and False Bay




Elena’s Table Mountain adventure came to a splendid end at the cable car for a leisurely ride down but first it was time to take in the stunning view of the Mother City’s Gem’s, with a light snack. It was a great honor and experience guiding Elena on her Epic Table Mountain Adventure.

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