Hiking Table Mountain Protocol

On July 2, 2020 by Christopher Smith

Hiking Table Mountain Protocol

Chacma Baboon

With the ongoing spread and endless battle to win the race agaginst the COVID-19, having the Anti-bodies will be a blessing in making progress in the war against Covid-19.

As we are still self isolating and adhering to the rules of Lockdown, we are able to go out and enjoy the Wonders of Nature. Hiking remains at the top of most people’s list and we thought it Ideal to make you aware of the new and improved Hiking protocols in general.


Doing group activities are still a great threat to many so, we are insisting that all stick to the 2m rule of social distancing and make sure to respect eachother and help save the lives of not just our own but also others. Above is the group Birkenhead that was lucky enough to get the hike done even though it was not favourable going up to the top of Table Mountain but enjoyed the walk along the Pipe Track overlooking Camps Bay.

Cape-Point         20190321_103216


20191030_113206     IMG-20190917-WA0032

Although I am 5hours drive from most of my family members, we often share our lovely moments we enjoyed spending out in Nature as you can see below my MUM and DAD.

Mum and Dad

Please wear your mask, wash hands regularly, keep 2m rule social distancing, stay #Sanitized, dont forget to drink your Lemon juice.




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