MCSA mountain club anual student group hike

On October 25, 2014 by Christopher Smith

Group hike before final exams

The conditions were set for a perfect day out. this is the annual mega hike where we the Mountain Club of  South-Africa takes a group of students from a local school for a hike. To help them take some of the edge of studying and rejuvenating their minds and getting them amped for the final exams.  The bus driver also joined in and said that after seeing how nice it is up in the mountain,she too will make more time to come out and enjoy the wonders of Cape Town.  For some it was difficult but there were no complaints, everyone knew they were her to hike and that is what they did no matter how hot or how hard the up hill might have been.

Group trek of the mcsa and students

Group trek of the Mountain Club of South-Africa and students

We are a small outreach group a division of the Mountain club of South-Africa that offer up our time and energy to see that the next generation is not forgotten and the they will not be left behind. We encourage and most of all for me it is the pure enjoyment and fulfilling feeling that keeps me committed to the cause.

Thank you MCSA for making this possible and everyone that attended, we all enjoyed it and look forward to coming back next year and doing it all again.

Mountain Dahlia

Mountain Dahlia A.K.A Skaam Blom


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