Successful Table Mountain Hike

On November 30, 2019 by Christopher Smith

Successful Table Mountain Hike


Diana and Martin was delighted to confirm and happy to have completed their Table Mountain hiking adventure and chose that I show them and aid in ensuring they can enjoy a safe, enjoyable and successful Table Mountain Hike. The weather was a little misty at the top of Table Mountain but it cleared later on in the day, revealing the breathtaking views of the Cape Peninsula.



The Pipe track is always an amazing trail to start with. The fresh sea breeze lingering among the diverse scents of Fynbos is always very pleasant. The Twelve Apostles towering above Camps Bay and the sound of the somewhat distant crashing of waves is captivating. Diana and Martin was celebrating Martin’s Birthday and showed keen interest in the Buchu, really enjoying having the experience of sampling some of the very rare scents of medicinal carrying properties of Fynbos  species found on Table Mountain.



With a brief stop at Breakfast Rock along the Kasteel’s Poort path, we soon made it to the top where we had a quick look at the old Cable car ruins and slowly made our way towards the Dams; merrily strolling along the Old Railway line that aided and assisted tremendously in the building of the first Dam on Table Mountain in 1890.


Erica Hangertjie

We stopped at an overhang to admire the fantastic show of Table Mountains beauty and had a bite to eat. I had the great pleasure of sharing my knowledge of Table Mountain with these lovely souls leaving me in AWE of their appreciation and respect shown towards Mother Nature. I was honored being part of leading this guided Table Mountain experience with great professionalism on Martin’s Birthday, that he may tick Table Mountain off his bucket list and he did it with great company, his loving life partner and  amazing weather.



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