On May 9, 2022 by Christopher Smith

Table Mountain Freelancing

Table Mountain freelancing has it perks yet what many do not seem to get that it takes alot out of a person and not just that it is even more so when Doing Hiking tours on Table Mountain and doing airport transfers, guided tours of the Peninsula in winter Hermanus whale watching tours and then we have web updates and a few other things to keep me growing and healthy.



I might be well known for trekking up and down Table Mountain but I tell you, I’ve just found out that I am dearly missed in the Winelands. Driver guided tours is slowly growing and more and more locals are looking to get out enjoy the splendors of the Cape and its surrounds.


There is beauty to be found in every little detail if you willing to look intentively. Sometimes the rarity is for many hard to fathom yet for those that knows that there is infinite possibilities, is when one can accept we live in a beautiful world.

I am blessed to be back to the usual trend, I enjoy every day and I am so I love with meeting new and interesting people from all over the world, seeing their smiles when done spending the day with me, really makes me so happy inside because then I can say “there is a happy customer” and it is heartwarming hearing the words “we will send our friends and family, you’ve been great Chris”


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