Table Mountain Peninsula Snippets

On July 10, 2021 by Christopher Smith

Table Mountain Peninsula Snippets

Table Mountain Peninsula Snippets are a kind reminder of the amazingly beautiful great outdoors and pleasures it has to offer. A famous guided hike up #TableMountain Platteklip Gorge just before Sunrise is a spectacular way to start off your day.

 Table Mountain Sunrise

Signal Hill Sunrise

As we are still @ level 4 lockdown, I urge all to wear your masks, wash your hands regularly and make use of sanitizer, please. It is important that we all join in on praying and doing our part in stopping the spread of the Carona Virus so the world may once again go back to open boarders for all travelers.



Pipe track

The Western slopes of #TableMountain is a fun and enjoyable way of relaxing in Nature, Sunbirds and Sugarbirds and Cape Robbins dotting about in a Pollinating frenzy. Remember to always go out in a group and never hike alone.







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