Table Mountain Platteklip Gorge Trek

On September 15, 2022 by Christopher Smith

Table Mountain Platteklip Gorge Trek

Table Mountain Platteklip Gorge Trek is  famous among locals looking to test their core strength and stamina. There are also those that are looking to do it leisurely but for those coming purely for a one time visit makes sure that Table Mountain Platteklip Gorge is on their bucket list of things to do.


The picture above is one of the best kept secrets and I share this with y’all because I believe it should be part of the Table Mountain Platteklip Gorge Trek. The view covers the whole Peninsula all the way to Cape of Good Hope Reserve, Cape Point 8nclud8ng across the Cape Flats ( flat baron land that is wind swept and water logged in parts, all the way to the opposite mountain range called the Hottentots Holland Mountain Range. The dams on the back table of Table Mountain is a suprise to many only to understand how water got channelled into the City of Cape Town during 1890. The Dutch East India Company made good use of the streams coming down from Table Mountain. They built canals and some of the streets in the City still bares the names such as Heerengracht meaning Gentleman’s canal.



The poor nutrient soil and high acidic levels of the 3 types of Sand Stone that Table Mountain consists of with the Cape Floral Kingdom being the most diverse of all the floral Kingdoms in the world it is certainly lives up to its name.




The West facing Twelve Apostle mountain range flanking Table Mountain and Towering above Camps Bay affluent village is a great way to access the back table of Table Mountain. A full day Table Mountain Trek is the best way for seeing how the Table Mountain Micro climate affects the growth conditions of the Fynbos specifically, Coastal Fynbos.




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