The beauty of nature has always captured my interests. Helping my mum in the garden is where the exposure started and also over the years I developed a love for flowers. This soon turned into a hunger and eventually turned into passion for hiking on and around Table Mountain - 7th Wonder of the world. I am a Western Province Tour guide by profession and a people’s person by nature.
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I have been hiking in and around the Table Mountain chain since my childhood. I have a clear track record and intent on keeping it so. I have done work with Financial times England in 2011, National Geographic’s Magazine 9th Edition in 2010 and referred to as the South-African Ray Mears in Ref: Tequila AT - PO AWW “Scouse” McGAW.
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I am an accredited Table Mountain Western Province Tour Guide and Adventure trail guide throughout South – Africa. I come highly recommended at a very competitive price.
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We strive to ensure your enjoyment and safety with understanding the environment answering your Why’s, when and how. I am happy to assist with your preparations so that all that is on your mind is enjoying the scenery and taking with you are memories from Table Mountain or elsewhere in South – Africa.
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